Sous Le Soleil aims to bring together fashion, design and art in a venue of warmth and hospitality.

A business established in the heart of its region and of its country, Sous Le Soleil loves above all else supporting the work of like-minded people. From Australia, France and the rest of the world, Sous Le Soleil seeks to present products of high quality, which are unique, innovative and respectful of a common ethic.

Sous Le Soleil is proud of the vast and varied selection of boutique products, sourced from different shows and regions around the world every year, that combine to form a collection unlike any other found on the North Shore.

Sous Le Soleil wishes to thank its loyal customers who make this project possible.

We are closing our doors on SUNDAY 17th DECEMBER!


Despite heavy hearts, we are looking forward to sharing with you some more happy times in the next few weeks.