About Us

Sous Le Soleil is Sydney’s very own piece of the French provence situated in the heart of the North Shore. Imagined eight years ago this restaurant is a fusion of fresh food, design, exhibition, fashion, art and music in a unique beautiful and historical Australian setting.

The French accent is of course always there, but as citizens of the world, we love bringing ideas, food and products from all over. We are interested in the quality, history, originality and personality of the many unique, wonderful, and antique products that adorn the interior and exteriors of our restaurant.

Our business is grounded in the joy of sharing time with people we love, tasting modern gourmet French cuisine that is affordable and approachable, and the belief that sharing food constitutes family. It is our hope that customers leave as friends, content with a feeling of time well spent sous le soleil, under the sun.


Born in Paris, Olivier fell in love with French cuisine as a child. His family and especially his grand father, who was a member of the famous Parisian club: “Le Club des 100”, raised him to appreciate the flair and subtleties of French cooking and culture. Fascinated by antiques, Olivier has sought to create an environment at Sous Le Soleil in which food and art marry – “to create a small representation of what I love about Paris, but under the Australian Sun”.


Born in Tokyo and raised in South Korea, Young moved at 16yr’s old to San Francisco to study hospitality at the famous CCSF College. He began working as an apprentice at renowned San Fransisco restaurants Twenty Five Lusk (Michelin star) and Boulevard (Michelin star). After his acceptance to Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney, Young moved to Australia and trained to be not only professional a Chef, but an expert in French cuisine.

During his time in Sydney he has worked in some of the cities most recognised dinner establishments, Marque (3 hats) and Bentley (3 hats). After few years at the side of Chef Toshi Ishihara, Young Choi became the new Head Chef of Sous Le Soleil – Roseville.


Born and bred in Paris, Mathias grew up in Europe’s heart of culture and cuisine. Following his fathers footsteps, he worked for many respected French caterers, Hotels and as event planner to Parisian society before transitioning to a career in sports marketing. He has subsequently hosted many prestigious events around the world for some of Europe’s most respected and recognised sporting teams and organisations. In 2012, he took up the challenge that is Australia and is now delighted to bring his professional experience and Parisian tastes for art, fashion and design to Sous Le Soleil.


Born in Devon England, Julia had twelve years in the English school system. Whilst her parents were living abroad Julia embraced life in major cities. It was then that Julia became infatuated with Paris, the French and pro-active French culture. Marrying her Australian husband saw Julia move to Sydney.

Raising a family, operating a boutique craftware business and guiding her husband and children through life has kept Julia more than busy for the past 30 years! Her infatuation with all things French did not fade. Julias’ accumulated skills in craftware, interior design, coupled with her Francophilia let her feel at home and relaxed in the Sous Le Soleil environment.